Can I hire Fat Punk Studio:

Yes we are a full service design studio.

What are your rates:

We discuss projects on a per job basis.

What design services do you offer:

Please visit the Services page for more info.

Can we work with you if we are based outside the UK:

Yes we work globally.

Can I use your work as a tattoo:

We are always honoured when anyone wants to use our work although we are not a free online art source. In this instance your tattoo artist would get paid per hour to apply our work to your skin. We expect to be paid as well for the hours/days/weeks/months it has taken us to produce the artwork. We have done our utmost to protect the Fat Punk Studio brand and will pursue any misuse of our work with the full force of the law.


Do you ship worldwide:

Yes we ship worldwide so long as there are no shipping restrictions imposed on that country.

I do not have a Paypal account. Can I still pay securely:

Yes. You can still pay securely with any credit or debit card. Simply click “Pay with a debit or credit card” option on the PayPal checkout page.

Shop prices are in British Pounds. Can I still make a purchase if I live outside the UK:

Yes. You can purchase any product(s) from the shop. All currency conversion is securely handled at checkout for you by PayPal.

Will you replace damaged items:

We are happy to replace any defective/missing items you have purchased although it is ultimately at Fat Punk Studio’s discretion if an item shall be replaced or not. Fat Punk Studio does not refund money and will only replace a defective/missing item with a similar product. We care a lot about the quality of our products and appreciate hearing your feedback regarding any problems.

What are you shipping times:

Standard Shipping UK: 3 – 5 working days

Tracked Shipping UK: 1 – 3 working days

Standard Shipping Europe: 5 – 10 working days

Tracked Shipping Europe: 3 – 5 working days

Standard Shipping International: 10 – 21 working days

Tracked Shipping International: 5 – 15 working days

Couriered Shipping: Dependant on the courier