Knife making – From forge to kitchen with Fat Punk Studio & Michael May Knives Sheffield


Knife making is an art form we have always admired here at the studio and our relationship with top chefs over the years (Tom Kerridge, Paul Ainsworth, Nathan Outlaw) has given us reason to pursue our ambition to create the ultimate kitchen knife for people who value craftsmanship and want something that little bit special.

For 8 months we worked closely with Michael May knives to develop our own unique shape and distinctive look for the knives using only the very finest materials available (D2 Carbon Steel, Carbon Fibre). Michael May knives are based in Sheffield, the home of steel here in the UK with a tradition for knife making which dates back hundreds of years. It therefore felt appropriate that the evolution of our own knives were steeped with British knife making tradition from day 1. Have a look at some of the behind the scenes images below showcasing the process of development from forge to kitchen knife rack. The knives are available from our online shop here.

The collection embodies the inherent principles of Fat Punk Studio and Michael May Knives, creating a symphony of precision, authenticity and purposeful design.

The stunning laser engraved Santoku blade made from D2 carbon steel at 55 – 60 Rockwell provides the ultimate cutting edge, whilst the ergonomic carbon fibre handle with mosaic pins gives you perfect balance and control.

D2 carbon steel has semi stainless properties and will develop its own unique patina over time. The blade should keep its edge better than other carbon steel blades and be more resistant to staining/rust.

To keep your blade in prime condition: Hand wash and wipe dry after use (Do not put in the dishwasher). When storing your knife for long periods of time wipe the blade with oil (olive or vegetable is fine).

To sharpen: Use a good oil or carborundum stone and stroke from heel to toe at an angle of around 30 degrees to the stone. A kitchen knife steel may also be used following the same angle and motion.

Heaven & Hell is available in 8 inch and 3 inch sizes. Shop the collection here.