Forster Ungeheuer – The Monstrous Riesling for BASF: Weingut und Landhotel Lucashof


The monster has landed. We are proud to present “Forster Ungeheuer” – The Monstrous Riesling for: BASF vineyard – Follow them on Instagram: @basfweinkeller @basfgastronomie @weingut_lucashof  |  Visit their main website: Weingut und Landhotel Lucashof. The gorgeous wine bottles feature a unique Fat Punk Studio label design in textured relief print paired with stunning gold foil accents.

The translation of the name means “Monster” so we designed a unique/clever interlocking monster concept surrounded by scroll work interwoven with vine leaves and grapes. It had to be memorable and different from all the other Riesling bottles out there and we think you’ll agree it certainly has impact? When you physically hold and turn the bottles in your hand they really do look the absolute business. Pop the cork and the inside reflects the out with a delicious crisp Riesling for you to enjoy….just remember its got real bite!

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lucashof-forster-ungeheuer-riesling-fat-punk-studio-02 lucashof-forster-ungeheuer-riesling-fat-punk-studio-03 lucashof-forster-ungeheuer-riesling-fat-punk-studio-04