Chef Chris Burt rocks his badass Fat Punk Studio vs Oliver Harvey apron.Check out these great pics by customers of their new Fat Punk Studio vs Oliver Harvey aprons.

We have been blown away by the amazing response to our new Fat Punk Studio vs Oliver Harvey professional chefs aprons. The awesome pictures keep rolling in so here are a few of our favourites. The top pics feature badass, tattooed chef Chris Burt from “The Peach Tree” restaurant. We think you’ll agree that his style fits perfectly with his new apron so we hope it inspires more stunning food in 2016!

The second set of pics feature a montage of images sent in by various chefs and home cooks from around the world. Its an absolute pleasure to see everyone rocking them so be sure to send us yours or tag us in them via social media.

The aprons are available via the “Collabs” section of the Oliver Harvey online store so why no treat yourself to one this year? Hand crafted British products don’t come any better.