Website development for Berges Trenton AwningWebsite development for Berges Trenton Awning

We are so proud to launch the new gorgeous new website for Berges Trenton Awning. An icon of the awning industry in the USA since 1927 we are honoured to work with such an amazing company. From initial logo development right through to the website and truck graphics we have worked closely with the Berges team over the years on all aspects of their business creating a consistent brand identity across the board. Berges wanted the new site to be modern yet still retain a nostalgic feel to really emphasise the history of the company. Content for customers needed to be quick/easy to find so we stripped back the whole site and created a 1 page parallax scrolling layout with everything at your fingertips. Featuring navigation which tracks down the page as it scrolls, scaleable gallery sections, news blog and a built in payment page we managed to neatly fit just enough information into the site without it becoming cluttered or hard to navigate. The website is also fully mobile compliant and adjusts itself to whatever device your using creating a much more user friendly experience. Be sure to show then some love and go check out the site here.

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