Amie Gill

Location - London/Essex, England
Height - 5'11"
Travel- I love love to travel, flying to over 100 countries! ~ Music- I play Guitar, Drums and Violin myself, but love to listen to all kinds of music! ~ Outdoors- Mountains, beaches, forests- that’s where you’ll find me! ~ Fashion- being a fashion model, I love to style and keep up with the latest trends! ~ Museums- I am a totallll museum geek, love love love history and all that jazz!
Stinging nettles (when you spend a lot of time outdoors you’ll know why!) ~ Dairy (being lactose intolerant sucks :/ ) ~ I don’t really hate that many things- I’ll let you know if that changes!
Hey! So my name is Amie, a blonde fashion model from Essex! As a model, I have worked alongside companies such as Panasonic, Wex Photo Video, and St John Ambulance on various shoots, publications and workshops. I have been published in magazines such as Festival Brides and Creators Mag, whilst also walking for London Fashion Week for Pierre Garroudi. Not only this, I have worked abroad in locations such as Amsterdam and Malta, in addition to other catwalks, shoots and publications.

Starnow:  amiehampsheirgill






Photographer - IG: @GlamourJamzPhotography