Designed to be different

Established in 2005 by Sam Brade, Fat Punk Studio is an award winning design studio based in Somerset, England. Over the years we have honed our design skills working on a wide variety of projects from branding and web design through to illustration and custom automotive. The Fat Punk Studio name is now widely recognised across the globe as a sign of excellence in design. With a growing international client base our specialist team of world class designers are able to offer an unparalleled range of diverse creative services to help you bring your projects and visions to life.

The process

Lets start here. We have a simple way of approaching every new project we take on and we call it: The Fat Punk Process.

  1. Listen to the client’s needs and goals.
  2. Research the company, industry and their competitors.
  3. Formulate a plan of attack for the project.
  4. Execute through design, production and maintenance.
  5. Refine designs according to the client’s feedback.
  6. Take new ideas to market and deliver to the consumer.

Stand out from the crowd

Fat Punk Studio is world renowned for its unique and vibrant design style. Here at our Somerset design studio we believe in mixing clean with the mean and rough with the smooth to produce truly cutting edge design. We pride ourselves on the care and attention to detail in our work which has now become synonymous with the Fat Punk Studio brand.

“The Fat Punk is in the detail”

Creative services

Through our award winning design services we aim to create a consistent visual language that enables our clients to communicate and truly connect with their target audience.


What can we offer?

– Logos / Typography / Branding
– Web design / Hosting / SEO
– App development
– Illustration
– Graphic design for print
– Vinyl wrap design
– Merchandise design and production
– Interior and exterior design
– Tattoo design
– Art direction / Project planning
– Marketing / PR / Social media design
– Photography
– Copywriting
– Online design classes

We love building brands

Working closely with our clients we are able to offer valuable input, through experience to help deliver projects that are above and beyond their expectations. We believe in offering only the highest level of professionalism and always deliver projects on time and on budget. Here are a handful of some of the amazingly diverse clients we have had the pleasure of working with over the years, who have continuously challenged and pushed us to do better in all aspects of our work.

Not just designers

With all our clients we strive to get involved to the point where we understand their business and what they do as a brand. This enables us to not just deliver cool design but also help our clients explore how their business is perceived by the public looking in.


Adam Handling - The Frog
Adam Handling - The Frog
Explore case study 01

The Frog Restaurant by Adam Handling – Logo/branding development

When world renowned chef, author and Masterchef finalist Adam Handling asked our Somerset design studio to help with the branding/logo design for his new restaurant “The Frog” we literally jumped at the chance. Being avid foodies ourselves we knew from the start what Adam was after and what his potential customers would respond to when visiting the restaurant. The branding had to gel with not only the innovative style of the food but also the laid back vibe of the restaurant’s aesthetics. We had an open brief to really be creative and we knew that Adam certainly didn’t want the stereotypical logo you’d usually associate with this kind of high end dining establishment.

The public response from the design work has been nothing short of amazing and the restaurant has gone from strength to strength in its first year. The Frog brand is certainly here to stay with an exciting new restaurant opening very soon in the heart of Covent Garden, London. Here’s how we did it:

Step 1 – Logo development


Step 2 – Lets add some colours/textures


Step 3 – Repeat pattern design


Step 4 – Exterior design



Step 5 – Interior design



Step 6 – The Frog gin bottles


Step 7 – The lasting influence on the food




“Fat Punk Studio helped me on my first ‘leap’ towards my own restaurants. Not only did they create a logo which is sheer perfection, they also helped with the aesthetics of the restaurant as well as our fantastic Gin. They will never get rid of us and for every project we do they are the first we will call.”

The Frog Restaurant by Adam Handling